Monday, 6 October 2008

Monday at Krav Maga Edinburgh

Women's conditioning and self defence kicked off with a whole lot of push ups and Marcus finished it off with some more. Just think of those strong arms-no bingo wings in this club!

Everyone looked like they had been swinging a kettlebell all their lives. Pad drills and then some self defence. All in all a packed 45 minutes of some quality training.

Then its over to the sweaty guys and girl from Krav Maga Edinburgh to take over the gym. A light warm up of mobility exercises and some drills. We then finished it off with a burpee pyramid. Easy!

Ground work was the order of the night. We covered fighting from your back, chokes from the side, chokes from mount and then when it all goes to pot!

Monday is fight night so get yourself down to the club if you feel like hitting some pads and each other. Here we focus on some pad drills, striking combinations and wrestling.

Wednesday night will be ground work so make sure you get along to class nice and early.


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