Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Krav Maga Edinburgh

With Marcus sidelined with a bout of man flu, it was left to me to look after the class tonight. I must say everyone did very well with tonight's conditioning. Push-up pyramid of 10 in a group of 4 students followed by a pyramid of Burpees. All in less than 10 minutes. Great stuff!

Another absentee from tonight's class was Scott. Get well soon fella and we hope to see you back at class soon.

Pad drills with Palm heel strikes in all directions followed by some elbows and knees!
We then worked on a little 360 defence with finishing mode and at what range this would be used. If the attacker is coming at you, then why let them get up close and personnel when you can use the long range tool of kicking! We covered this and then how to finish off at this range. Balance is the key.

We got through a lot of material tonight and finished off with chokes from the floor. In the mount and from the side. I introduced the choke with the T-shirt for when you cant get the attacker off you. A great little tool to have in the arsenal.

Good news on the kettlebells front. They have finally arrived so we will start to roll the kettlebells out in class. We will be using them on the Meadows every Sunday at 5pm. So please come along. All abilities are catered for.

Feedback on the class would be welcome!



  1. That warm up was great, can't wait until we start using the KB's.

  2. The class on Monday night(6th Oct) was great. I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot.