Monday, 29 September 2008

Monday at Krav Maga Edinburgh

Tonight was the first night of the women's conditioning and self-defence class. Both Marcus and I hope everyone enjoyed the class and the introduction to kettlebells. Everyone did really well and we would love to see you all next week.
This class will be on every Monday at 6:30pm.

7:30pm saw the chaps enter the gym and it was back to basics. Lets get them right and flowing correctly and then we'll move onto the bigger stuff.
Then the knife and common objective came into play and we drilled that for a while. Good effort by all.

Remember, if you are finding the warm up a little tough or you would like supplement your conditioning training. Sundays fitness class will cater for all. Kettlebell training along with lots of other stuff.

Fight club saw the arrival of Daniel the photographer. Lets hope he got some good shots of the guys training. Some great improvements in the sparring this week.
Photos will be appearing shortly so keep checking the blog for more details.

Club notice:
Lets get the right kit guys.

  • Groin Guard
  • Mouth guard
  • gloves 120z or more
  • shin pads

Class on Wednesday. Lets hope the Kettlebells arrive in time.



  1. Note to self: evade kicks, don't block with ribs.

    Only when I laugh :)

  2. I think the warm up on Monday was a bit long, considering that the class is an hour.

  3. Just wait until the Kettlebells come, you will be praying for a warm up like Monday's.

  4. Exactly Matt. No point in learning SD if you get gased in the first 2 seconds.