Monday, 18 August 2008

Monday@ krav maga edinburgh

Good turn out tonight guys,well done for the effort.

I ducked out of Rannochs combat ready class to finish off a leg workout through the back. How was it?

Back to basics for the Krav Maga class.
We went back to the pads and drilled and drilled. The most underrated part of pad drills is the pad holder. They control the tempo and positioning of the fighter. I will post a video later in the week of a great example of how its done.

We incorporated a little kick boxing in the class tonight with the introduction of closed fists and the Thai clinch.

Tonight's class had a lot of take home drills. The foot movements and the pad drills. All this can be practiced at home in front of a mirror (no funny Bruce Lee faces needed).


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  1. Who is that devilishly attractive young man being attacked by that woman? ; )

    I really enjoyed last night's training. I can't put my finger on it but it felt really fresh, like the training we were doing last year when the club first started up properly.