Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Wednesday@Krav Maga Edinburgh

I want to start this post off with an apology to a certain member of the class. Drew blood on the first night. RESULT!

For anyone who has doubts about Krav Maga or Tactical Edge just read this article that was in tonight's Evening News. Man Stabbed in Street

We then kicked off with the mother of all warm ups. Well done to everyone as this was a killer! Let me know how you found this part of the class please!

Tonight we focused in on more knife attacks and defences using common objects. These can be anything from a rolled up magazine, umbrella to a pen. We practiced short range with the small improvised weapon to the longer range baseball bat style attack. We ran through some of the common attacks and how to defend against them, and then how to remove yourself from the threat.

I am thinking of starting the Kettlebell/ fitness class up again. Any suggestions on a day or evening that would suit?


Happy B-day Steven Black!

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