Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Wednesday@Krav Maga Edinburgh

Before we get into what we did in class tonight I must say a big thank-you to all the guys that said the kind words tonight. You know who you are!

On another note, welcome to the 4 new students who were at the class tonight. It's great to see new faces bubbling with enthusiasm and the desire to learn new things. You all did extremely well and it will be a pleasure to see you on Monday in class.

In preparation for the grading next week the class started with one of my warm-ups. This consisted of some drills that all seemed to enjoy. Do let me know what you think of the warm ups. Feedback is the breakfast of champions and all that.

The class kicked off with some basic palm heel strikes and then we threw some combinations in for good measure. We then split the class into 2 and I looked after Level 1. We focused on the real basics, movement and stances.

We then threw in some strikes and finished off with front chokes and side head locks. A great session with some really good practical techniques that could be implemented on the streets tonight.

Just as a reminder, all students should be aiming to get hold of a groin guard and gum shield within the first few classes. These are essential part of the equipment needed in order to train safely. The last thing you want is to end up like this

For the students that have been a member of the club for some time, you really all should invest in some gloves (10oz-16oz) and some shin guards. If you need any advice on where and what to buy just ASK!


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