Monday, 7 July 2008

Mondays class at Krav Maga Edinburgh

The class was bursting at the seams tonight. Its great to see so many of you out and training hard. Could it be the impending Grading on Wednesday that has pulled you away from your normal evening of Eastenders and takeaways?

Great effort tonight from the guys who turned up for Combat Ready. I only caught the ending but it looked like it was another killer!

Another relaxing warm up that seemed to go down well. I will really put you through your paces on Wednesday after the grading. Something for you to think about. These certificates don't come easy. You have to earn them!

Tonight's class was another refresher for all the Level 1-3's. Its really up to you to take the skills you learn in class home and develop them into your own way.

Please remember to bring along water, groin guards and a change of T-shirt for Wednesdays grading.



  1. Something I have noticed when training is that some folk don't "play act". For instance, if I have put my thumbs in your eyes blinding you, kneed you in the groin, hit you in the face a few times, put you on the floor and hit you in the head again few times, you still manage to get up and fight. I can understand wanting to fight back, but it does nothing for your partners training if you don't at least try to act as if you are taking a few shots and pretend you are hurt.

  2. Its absolutely vital that you learn to 'be a good bad guy'. When you hit people they will react in fairly uniform ways to sertain vital spots, so its important that you mimic this & not just stand there like you have a broom handle wedged up your backside!
    Another important part of being a good bad guy is in certain drills to vary how much effect the blows have. Sometimes act as if the blow was totally effective, other times act as if the blow was slightly off or you were out of your face on something & more resilient to injury.