Thursday, 17 July 2008

Wed 16th July at Krav Maga Edinburgh

Last night we lifted the mats. We did some ground drills on the floor which reinforced the idea that rolling on the ground is a bad idea. We worked on likely attacks and then looked at a multiple attack drill where we have been grabbed from behind with another assailant striking us from the front. We added in some gloves for safety and started slow then some of the guys ramped it up a bit. Great effort by all and big hello to Will who came along to watch but I quickly press-ganged him into training with everyone.


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  1. I definitely noticed a difference in my approach when we were wrestling from our knees on the wooden surface compared to when we normally train on a padded floor.

    I usually employ a lot of leg movement when on the mats (even when we limit ourselves to movement on knees) but with bare skin on the hard surface I found myself surprised by how dramatically self-limiting I became.

    This sudden lack of my usual mobility had a direct affect on the leverage options I normally have access to and therefore what I could do with my upper-body.

    A good reminder for me, both that all self defense training situations give us way more ideal circumstances than real ones will and that going to the ground in a fight should be well avoided.