Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Monday 14 July 2008 at Krav Maga Edinburgh

Good turn out for Combat Ready Conditioning with a load of new fight drills introduced to keep things fresh. I heard a lot of locker room talk about the class always being hard and just when you think you are getting used to it the format changes. That’s the entire point. If it’s the same every week you get bored and the body adapts easily. Rannoch ensures the classes have core mobility and drills movements we all know but may not readily use in our day to day life. Anyone should be able to walk in off the street and start training in it. You go at your own pace and its ego less. I was glad to see we had to people push so hard that they were sick! Now that’s not Rannoch running a boot camp that’s an individual pitting himself against the drills. Or it maybe because they simply ate before class!

The Krav Maga class concentrated on knife threats from various ranges and positions around the body. We then turned this into an active mugging by adding multiple opponents which spiced things up a bit.

Wednesday 16 July

The mats are getting lifted so please remember to bring appropriate footwear.


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