Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Monday 9th June @ Krav Maga Edinburgh

Last night we lifted the mats and trained on the wood floor in shoes. Started the class with some basic shadow fighting incorporating some basic strikes, then we freelanced. It was a gentle introduction to free play for some of the newer guys. We then did some pad work concentrating on kicking and punching drills. We took this from our kickboxing curriculum and made sure everyone was clear that we don’t want to be punching in the SD arena however we can take a lot a from these drills in order to make us more complete. We then focussed on combative sets and then looked at knife attacks and the KM disarms. Hard and fast was the order of the day – constant forward pressure on the attacker.

Remember the mats are getting lifted again on Wed when we look at impact weapon defence from the KM curriculum. I also have a little metal toughness exercise in store for everyone after I noticed the pads were put away in a messy state. Remember guys, kit is expensive, its your kit, your club so please respect it and the other members We are only guests in the Dojo so lets not hash it or any of our kit. See you all on Wed.

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  1. gutted i missed the Krav class.
    of course this will leave me exempt from the mental toughness ;)