Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Tactical Edge Unarmed Combatives Seminar at Krav Maga Edinburgh

24th May at Energy Gym, Edinburgh

On this seminar Mark will be looking at attribute & skill building. We're going to work on extreme close range striking skills, allowing us to hit without having to draw the hand or arm back. We're going to explore a wide variety of defensive movements, with a special emphasis on different methods of limb destruction. On the situational side we'll be looking at the use of the environment around you in self defence, the use of low line traps & levers, & finally handgun defense. After the seminar we'll be holding a Tactical Edge grading. The cost is £20 per person and if you are grading the cost is £30 inclusive. All payments to be with me by 20 May. The seminar is open to everyone regardless of whether or not you have any prior training. I will be posting some clips of what we can be expecting at the seminar later in the week.

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  1. What is Will doing with his right hand...lol