Thursday, 8 May 2008

GRADING SUCCESS at Krav Maga Edinburgh

A huge congratulations goes out to everyone who successfully graded last night. Everyone passed and progressed to the next level so a big well done!

Marcus was very pleased with the effort that you all put in last night not only with the techniques but more importantly how you handled the situational Combat is never static therefore running situationals allows us to see how you cope under stress and whether you make the right decisions. Everyone dealt with what was in front of them and chose the correct tools from the box and ran with the correct principals. You are over a big hurdle but you still need to practice the fundamental techniques in your own time or your training will suffer. If you want to increase the frequency of training, then come along to the Sunday fitness class where we focus on kettlebells and pad work conditioning. Get along to as many classes as you can and get as much training under your belt as possible. Time devoted to training is what separates Sunday league footballers from professional players. You can always find time no matter how many hours you work, how many kids you have or whether you are injured. Its all about making the correct choices. Keep it up you are a credit to Krav Maga Edinburgh.

Rannoch has just posted an article on his blog that you may wish to read. Someone asked me the other evening which body weight instructional DVD I would recommend. This person wants to lose a few pounds, up their strength and improve their overall conditioning

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