Thursday, 17 April 2008

Wednesday@Krav Maga Edinburgh

Last night we covered single shot knockouts and then moved onto real world verbal de-escalation. Some of the techniques used by a lot of clubs and organisations are designed for use by the police and other figures of authority who have a badge and a weapon. In the real world people like us cannot use these methods. We started with a drill where two or three attackers were aiming to take a defender to an area of the gym. The defender has to use verbal persuasion to make sure this doesn’t happen while ensuring that he isn’t using language or posturing that escalates the situation. Often attacks take place when a victim is moved to a secondary location. This either happens by use of force or persuasion or a mixture of both. After developing these softer skills which everyone should be encouraged to use from the outset we looked at using a physical response. People who have only been there a couple of weeks found they could adequately deal with multiple attackers as long as they abided by our core operating procedures. It would good to see some of the old faces back at training and Ben Howe managed to pop in and see how we were doing. Ben trained with us and then moved back to the US. He has started training in Kapap so I am really happy that he has kept it up. He might pop down for some training while he is in the country. I was really happy with the way that everybody trained last night. A lot of things seemed to come together for a lot of people. Some real Eureka moments!!!

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