Monday, 14 April 2008

Monday night@Krav Maga Edinburgh

Last night we looked at using palm heel strikes and hammer strikes in their usual medium range and then looked at how they could be adapted to work at close range (in-fighting). We looked at a conceptual tool of three motions (not Heaven Six) and how we could use this defensively and offensively in any one a hundred situations. We then looked at drawing an outside attack from an opponent and 3 ways to defend this. We looked at 2 ways to release from a side lock – one nasty vicious way and another more controlled way. I keep hammering home the need for fundamentals. Once you have these down then you can experiment and turn what you have into any one of a million things. Think of a boxer – he has core strikes but can make them into a million permutations’. Just think of the National Lottery, you pick your numbers but they can come out in any order and might never be the same.

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