Sunday, 13 April 2008

Krav Maga Edinburgh Scotland

Krav Maga Edinburgh Grading – Wednesday 7 May 7.30-9.30

Every session from now until 7 May will look to cover the core techniques and principles required for the grading. The first hour on Wednesday 7 May will be a quick re-cap of what is required then we will get into the grading itself. All I am looking for is your ability to demonstrate the techniques and principles that you already do each week in class. If I put you in a situational and you get out it then as far as I am concerned you have done Krav Maga and that is all I can ask. The cost of the grading is £20. For those who previously graded to P1 there is no cost for this grading. Certificates will be awarded to all those who are successful at the end of the evening. If anyone has any questions please feel free to speak to me. I can assure everyone that this is the date for the grading and it will not be moved. The grading schedule for the rest of the year will then be posted on the calendar.

Training Kit

It used to be the rule that you didn’t get on the mat unless you had a groin guard and a gum shield. I’ve been pretty relaxed about this lately and in fact for the Tactical Edge class I don’t let anyone wear any protection. The last few weeks we have had teeth chipped and people not wearing boxes. I think its time to police this a bit more as its impeding some peoples training. Also, after a month or so you should really be thinking about getting a set of gloves. We have discount arranged with a Powerhouse Fitness at 14 Antigua Street – full details on the website. Just look to get yourself 12-14 0z gloves. Certainly when we start the kickboxing class in a few weeks you will need these then.

New Timetable Update

I hope to have the new timetable up and running within the next 8 weeks. As it looks we will adding a Thursday evening at another venue. There will be a core Krav Maga class and a combined stand-up and ground class as well. There will also be a dedicated kettlebell class at the weekend. Some of the class times will be altered with this new programme. I think one and a half hours is too long for a class. It also means that you often cannot train in anything else as you can be so fatigued. I will keep you posted over the coming weeks as I secure venues and finalise our class schedule. Thank you for patience so far. I am doing my best to make sure you get the ultimate cross-training experience however, this does takes time.


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