Thursday, 14 February 2008

Wednesday@Krav Maga Edinburgh

A big thank you goes out to David from the Edinburgh Judo club who took the class last night.

David started the class with a very comprehensive warm up with some interesting exercises. We paired up and the attacker started with an outside attack. Usually, this is where would go into defense and counter strike. David took the class through defence and then throwing your opponent to the floor. After we got the hang of that we took it to finishing mode, good old Krav style.

Then, David demonstrated a technique in the clinch. From here we were able to get our opponent on the floor and choke them out! I'm sure Karol liked this technique! We also played a game with our partners. If you were not there, then you missed out.

He finished the class of with a little circuit training. A good end to a very well worked class. How did everyone else find this session? Comments greatly welcomed.

Sundays Fitness class is on this weekend. 3pm on the meadows, if you have a kettlebell please bring it along!

Also, Mondays Combat Ready class will start at 6.30pm. Don’t forget to bring some water and a change of t-shirt!



  1. It is good to do excercises from other schools sometimes.
    Very nice classess..
    By the way: Lee you are so heavy:-)

  2. Is it that I am so heavy or that you are so weak! I will let you be the judge of that.