Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Krav Maga Edinburgh

A big welcome back to everyone that made it to the first class after the Holiday break. Both Marcus and I wish everyone a Happy New Year!
Last nights class turned out to be a medley of the basics as a refresher to the guys and an introduction to the new recruits.
We started off with default defence positions and movement.
We then moved onto palm heel strikes and then finishing mode. From that we shifted swiftly onto front chokes and 360 defence. If that was not enough we then took the fight to the ground and some of us resorted to "dirty tactics". When it goes to the ground I have one rule and that's, 'anything goes'! Steven took the brunt of this when he attempted a choke and he got bit! Sure enough he let go and the got his ass kicked.

Class is on Wednesday at 6.30pm if you are planning on turning up for the first time please arrive early so that we can go over an small introduction on the principles of Krav Maga.

The fitness classes start up again this Sunday at 3pm on the Meadows playing Fields. You can find us at the top of the Meadows next to the play park and tennis courts. Please arrive on time. At this class we focus on getting you in shape for the day you may need to use those techniques you have learnt in class.

Also, the Tactical Edge seminar will cost £25 to attend. This is open to all and will be a sell out. So don't delay, register your intent.

Krav Maga Edinburgh

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