Thursday, 18 October 2007

Members benefits@Krav Maga Edinburgh

These are available to all members who hold an IKMF passport and train with Krav Maga Edinburgh.

We get the following:

Kettle Bells Scotland

10% discount on all Kettlebells Scotland courses and also on purchases of KBs. For further information visit


Massive discount on confidence coaching from Life Expectancy

Take advantage of the opportunity to work with me & you’ll learn how to:

Let go of fears of being attacked
Stop re-living a bad experience
Let go of other fears and feel calm more often
Recognise warning signals of when someone is going to attack
Avoid the risk of unknowingly attracting trouble
Compete to win (rather than not to lose)

Price is £35 per session, discounted from £147.

Powerhouse Fitness

14 Antigua Street, Edinburgh, EH1 3NH

15-20% off nutrition & supplements. 15% off all boxing equipment

15-20% off MMA clothing visit Powerhouse Fitness


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