Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Class 12th September @Krav Maga Edinburgh

A big welcome to all the new guys that arrived at the club tonight. Let's hope you enjoyed it. Leave comments if you like.
Class started with 360 and some simple techniques to defend attacks. Then moved onto some basic footwork and attacks.
The class then separated into groups to work on their respective levels. Loads of syllabus work in preparation for gradings.
A small band of merry men hung back after class to spill some blood!
An extra hour of sparring and ground work. Poor Stephen took one square in the face, looks like a broken nose. Edinburgh blood transfusion centre was put on RED ALERT due to the amount of blood lost in this class. Four bloody noses and bloody hand and a knock out to Andy by Marcus. Even I got a bloody nose from Marcus.

Remember drinks 7.30pm at the Lloyds Bar, Omni centre



  1. he was just bitter coz he caught one in the jaw!

  2. was a good class :D but ye gods do i hurt.
    slept in for work this morning as well doh!!

  3. Reports of said ultraviolence may be slightly exagerated ; )