Wednesday, 29 August 2007

29th Aug@krav Maga Edinburgh

Tonight's class up on the Bruntsfield Links turned out to be a good one!
We covered defence from the ground and attacking from the ground.

Aggressive punching and attacking

Up close and personnel (fighting when you are both in a clinch)

A little pain stimulus for the shin and groin

A favourite of mine was that we had a special guest come along with some of his friends. A guy called Rannoch Donald came along with his set of Kettle Bells. So we got straight into it and started with some warm up exercises.
Then he went through an exercise with the kettle bells. A big thank-you goes out to Rannoch (who also brought down a bottle of water for all the guys)for showcasing this essential fitness regime for getting "fighting fit".
Rannoch will soon be running a six week beginers course into Kettle BElls. Keep on the look out for when I post this. I will definatley be heading along!

As of next Monday I will heading up to the Meadows at 6.30 with a couple of the guys from the club to concentrate on fitness. Anyone is welcome so just head to the park section of the Meadows.


  1. i woulda been there but still fighting this cold/bug from last week and running about in the cold wouldnt have been the best idea, cya next week

  2. Is that the park at the Bruntsfield side or at the Buccleuch St side?

  3. Not sure of street names but if we meet near the park where the road runs through the meadows from Lothian road!
    The top Park near outh Clerk Street