Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Seminar Review

I think everyone will agree with me when I say a big thank-you to Stephan for coming over to Edinburgh and giving a great demonstration in Krav Maga.

There was a great turn out and I hope everyone enjoyed themselves. Marcus has asked for feedback on this so please either leave a comment or let him know at the class what your thoughts are on how Stephan did.
Stephan started the morning session of with some fitness and stretching exercises which were needed by me after the previous days Krav.
He then switched to the 360 defence. After an hour of this there were some bruised and battered forearms in the gym.
After a quick lunch break we moved on to ground work and what tactics to employ if the fight goes to ground. Some new techniques learnt here so we need to see them in the class on Wednesday guys.

I was hoping to stick around for the ladies seminar as a couple of girls from my work were turning up for it but the pain got to great and I headed off for a bath. So if any of you stayed around for this a short explanation would be appreciated.

I am hoping some of the females will get back to us and let us know how they found the class.
we plan to hold a further seminar with Stephan in November where there will be a morning seminar followed by a grading in the afternoon.So all of the class that wants to be graded need to start to put the work in now!
There will be a short video of the seminar available soon. I will let you know when its out!

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  1. It was a great seminar - I was concerned that I might not make it 6 hours but, although it was quite punishing at times, it wasn't un-doable. Admittedly, I DIDN'T make it 6 hours as my back wussed out on me, but I felt comfortable before that happened. Stephan was clear, to the point and it was interesting to see the techniques we've been learning from a slightly different viewpoint. Well worth £35, and I'll definitely be going to the September one.