Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Ladies only class

We are planning on running a women’s only class on a Wed evening from 8-9 and if you are interested please get in contact.

These comments are from Tracey Dodd who attended the female only class

"The class was very interesting. I now feel safe enough to walk around the streets of Edinburgh at night and know that I will be able defend myself if someone comes creeping from the darkness! The instructors explained everything very clearly and made it easy to remember the several different ways to defend myself. Thumbs up all round!!!"

Llara Robertson "I really enjoyed the seminar. It was energetic and really good fun. Some of the techniques were easier to master than I previously would have thought and were more effective than I would have imagined (although it felt like a different story when you had the hands of a big strong guy round your neck instead of one of the other girls!) Now I just need to find someone who’s happy to attack me from time to time! Just kidding!

Krav Maga

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