Tuesday, 3 March 2015


Saturday past the guys and gals covered the first single stick form from Modern Arnis, Anyo Isa.  Kelly Worden said that he never had time to travel about with Professor Presas who was the head of Modern Arnis attending all his seminars as he worked for himself. So Kelly got great at Anyo Isa.  Too many it looks very simple but as we discovered there is so much that can be gained from this form. This is what Kelly Worden excels it.  Finding what is in the form and what you can make it. We looked at it from the single stick which could represent……… a stick or impact weapon.  Then we looked at double handed weapons such as a baseball bat or sword.  I wanted to do sword and dagger but I completely forgot so we cover this in the follow up seminar.  We then looked at the empty hand applications which were on;y bound by your imagination and understanding.  Like I said you need to go away train this and in the coming weeks ideas will come back to you and during training you will be pulling rabbits out of hats and your partner will wonder where the hell that came from.

If you don't train with the stick then you really should especially if you are training in a progressive or reality based martial art or system.  Don't think about it being baton twirling like you might have seen on you tube, its understanding lines of attack, distancing, speed and co-ordination.  People training in Krav Maga could really benefit from this and should really look to attend the next seminar.


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