Saturday, 9 August 2014

Play With Knives

Now your mum probably told you never play with knives, but really why do we train so much with edged weapons? In Scotland, which has one of the most knife related incidents in the world, we are still unlikely to come across and edged weapon attack. If you look at where most incidents occur it is usually at a party at a friends house where alcohol is a factor.  The knife is normally a kitchen knife, and you know your attacker.  You live in Glasgow and you're in 18-26 age bracket more than likely. If this isn't your typical weekend then chances are you are safer than most.  

So back to the pointy things.  If, in training, someone attacks you with a training knife you will instinctively act much sharper and with more intent.  It's how you body is designed, so go with it.  As a standard practice, you should always assume that any attacker is armed until you know otherwise - that way you are never surprised.  So in your training maybe you want to include more knife attacks as it will keep you on your toes and will enhance your counter attacks and controls as well as basic fighting tactics.  Also the person using the knife will gain a better understanding of the universal lines of attack. As a result of this their striking should become better and they will be able to access faster strikes from different angles as if they were still using a knife.  If you are interested in learning more of the edged weapon curriculum then you need to get along to the Tactical Edge or NSI classes at the gym.  The edged weapon work will supercharge your empty hand skills.  

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