Saturday, 26 April 2014

The beauty of the Headbutt

Looking for a fast and effective pre-emptive strike? Then think about the headbutt.  Use in a situation where there is a clear path.  If the attacker has his hands up then probably not a good idea unless you are going to think about barrier removal.   You're going to be releasing adrenaline, so the brows will drop to protect your eyes from danger.  Just think about pushing you head forward into the centre of the opponent's grid.  Don’t draw your head back to get more power - you don’t need it. If you strike, do it with the top of the forehead.  After you use this, follow up with appropriate strikes or exit quickly. Remember, its going to give you a bit of a sore head as well.  It’s not a strike for everyone so think about ways to practice.  Just butt your head gently against a punch bag to start with then progress onto harder surfaces.  You’ll get an idea pretty quickly if it’s for you or not.   Remember the force ladder and the law regarding self defence.  

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