Saturday, 12 April 2014

Mental visualisation

If you cant make training then sit at your desk, lie in bed or on the couch and set up a self defence scenario in your mind.  Work through it from start to conclusion with as much detail as possible.  Start running through it slowly then repeat and make it faster and faster.  The more detailed you can make it the better.  There are optimum times to do these things, which I find are just before going off to sleep or just when you wake up.  This training is almost like when you play Xbox and when you get killed you jump or your reflexes kick in. The mind is easily fooled and this sort of thing can benefit your training no end.  It’s a common method used by track athletes. On many occasions their heart rates are up to what they would be if they were running and they are actually perspiring.  So if, one day, you cant make training or you want to supplement when your bored sitting at your desk, get right into this training. 

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