Saturday, 15 February 2014

Focus and simplify to stay fresh

I love training martial arts and I love learning.  That can be in the form of books, dvd's and the physical and does not just relate to martial arts.  For me, my journey in the martial arts is at a strange point.  The two things I really want to concentrate on now are grappling from Scott Mellia ( I say this every year, he will be yawning) and the staff work courtesy of Kelly Worden.  I got a chance to do some of the staff work with Mr Worden a few years ago and never really followed up on it.  It hadn’t interested me before, until I saw the empty hand elbow applications and footwork to name a few.  The last time Scott showed me any grappling he crushed my shin and I couldn’t walk for about two days so I spat my dummy out and didn’t talk to him for a while.  In terms of the other material I train, I want to make it simple yet effective. I want to spend the time I have concentrating on the high percentage concepts that have carry over into many areas.  For example, if I spend too much time practicing techniques where I am grabbed or punched or kicked I could supercharge my training time by practicing intercepting those attacks with my strikes on pads or punch bags.  Then before I crash out in the evening I could use some mental visualization to deal with the actual technical defensives.  So if you have a good knowledge of a subject it might be worth just stripping it down and focusing on certain areas. 

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