Saturday, 2 November 2013

Why am I not getting where I need to be?

Want to be slimmer, more toned, more muscular, bigger, stronger, faster but not seeing results?  Ever wonder why some people in class seem to get faster or better or bigger or leaner or more muscular or stronger than you?  They go to the same classes with the same programming as you. Are you wondering what is going wrong? It must be the classes or the programming at fault, right? 

I can tell you with utter confidence, IT'S NOT!  Take a good, truly honest look at yourself - the most likely culprit will be diet and sleep.  If you tell me your diet is pretty good and it's clean, but you are not losing weight like you want, then you're probably telling a big fat lie.  If you aren't getting stronger and you think your diet is good then again, probably you are telling me a lie.  It's a bitter pill to swallow but one you must.  More than likely the culprit is your own diet and recovery.  If you tell me hand on heart you can't expend any more energy in a class then it has to be diet. There are things in there that shouldn't be.  Write that shit down! 

Wonder why there are so few people walking about with dream physiques in daily life?  I mean how many people do you see daily that make you go 'wow, I want to look like him or her' (real people, not airbrushed celebs).  It's because it takes hard work and that is the discipline. Anyone can achieve their goals and go way beyond and be great but you must be honest with yourself.  Find the holes and plug those gaps.  Just adding or subtracting a little can make a huge difference.  Now, go forth and be great. 

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