Monday, 11 November 2013

Don't Be Selfish - Give your Partner Everything

When you train with someone in class they are your pupil and your friend.  I'm there as a coach, a guide, someone to point the way and lay the foundations of training. We all have different teaching styles.  I'm a group corrections man - unless I see someone who really needs help. I'm hiding in the shadows. I'm not walking about all the time in your face otherwise I'd be stopping you every two minutes to give you something else.  That being said, it gives me nothing but joy when I see guys training and offering each other advice and making that person better.  You are a teacher yourself and the best way to solidify your knowledge is to pass it on to someone else. They will ask you questions, and you sometimes have to think about the answers which is a good thing.  Don't look at it like 'oh hell, I'm partnered with a newbie'.  You were that guy once, and someone probably helped you along.  Come out your comfort zone once in a while and get a new partner and help someone out - that's what you are there for - to be a better person.  The benefit in Krav Maga, or in any of the other fighting systems, is that often with a new start you get someone untainted and raw and they fight in a more realistic way.  Remember, if you get drama outside its more than likely from a regular guy not someone with a lot of training.  They move completely differently.  So, wether your are in one our martial arts, Crossfit or technique classes, bear all this in mind and don't be afraid to help others out. Give them the benefit of your own learning curve. Help them avoid the mistakes you made and see your own skills and confidence accelerate. 

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