Saturday, 2 February 2013

Krav Maga This Thursday

On Thursday we worked a lot on the fighting system in Krav Maga. The early stages of KM are very, he grabbed you, you react.  The later stages are why the hell have you let him grab you. How to fight, how to bridge the gap, how to engage and disengage and multiple attackers are all part of the fighting system. I am going to spend the next 12 months developing this in the gym with the members. So we need to get boxing gloves, groin guards and gum shields. I will soon be quite adamant about people training and having the correct equipment as it all forms part of the insurance policy in the gym. Its a minimal investment to ensure better quality and ultimately safer training. If you want to get the kit from the gym then just ask or if you need advice about what to get ask as well.

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