Thursday, 17 January 2013


Sit for a second and think what your favourite exercise is. Now think again what is the exercise that you dread the most in the gym. What is the one that scares you to death thinking that it might jump out at you when you go to train. You know why you hate it, it's because its hard and you have to operate out with your comfort zone. How can you turn that exercise on its head and smash it pieces, easy just get stuck in about it. Say for example it is squats, which for a lot of people it is. Every time you hit the gym this week after your warm up incorporate squats into your session. Do them weighted, front, back, zercher, bodyweight, weighted vest I don't care just do them and do them well. Or it might be chin ups, so every time you go past that station jump up and pull yourself up for all you are worth. Have you ever noticed that the chin station is always available and always on the way to water cooler. So every time you go past get up on it. Pretty soon that scary exercise looses all the fangs and you can move on to the second most scary exercise.

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