Sunday, 13 January 2013

Beware Of False Idols

No one way is best. Nobody has it all, no one has all the answers. You are smart enough to do your own research and work out what is the best course of action for you to achieve your goals. Seek quality advice from sources who will put you before themselves and their wallets. Just because something is worldwide and or originates in a foreign country it doesn't necessarily make it better. Consider fighting styles from a by gone age. We all seek to learn from Japanese Masters or Guros from the Philippines when in fact the UK and Europe has such a rich martial heritage. The Empire conquered so much of the globe so we can presume that we had some ideas on hand to hand combat. Look again at more modern military combatives from WWII. Then tell me again why you are rushing off to learn something from another country.

The world is full of amazing and interesting people with stories to share and things to teach. However, never overlook the local guy or the guy a few towns up from you who I'm sure can teach you so much without the need to travel to the ends of the earth. I have an instructor in the US, have travelled all over Europe to train with people however, the bulk of my training was from a guy up in sleepy little Arbroath. A guy whom if he had been living in the US I am sure would have been a martial arts hall of famer. The same can be said about the fitness world. I've been taught kettle bells in the UK and seen the greats from abroad however, sometimes I have been more impressed with the local guy. So keep this in mind when training or seeking mentors. It might be that the person you need is just around the corner.

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