Thursday, 13 December 2012

1 Scots train with Combat Ready

Yesterday Michael and I went along to Dreghorn Barracks to train the 1st Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland which was organised by Sergeant Eddie Scott who is training and teaching at the Combat Ready gym. It was great to go along and train with a group of highly motivated individuals who will soon be deploying to Afghanistan.

We started the session off developing striking combinations on the pads utilising our hands, knees and elbows. From there we looked to control and clinch to ensure that the attacker wasn't going anywhere. The main difference with this particular session was that level of threat was perceived to be higher therefore we could train the guys to use more lethal combinations and to operate at the very top of the force ladder. This is something that sets the Combat Ready Gym apart from other trainers as through our training we have the know how to deliver this material.

We split the guys up for part of the session and Eddie took the guys through some situations where they were working from against a wall and also how to use the wall and floor to their advantage either controlling or neutralising. Michael and I took other guys and worked on some fast takedowns and how to control someone while they were there. We looked at how the guys could operate together and keep someone controlled on the ground while maintaining a perimeter.

One of the main focuses of the day was counter edged weapons. Now whether or not the guys will encounter this abroad its something that is rife in this country and these guys need to be protected. We looked at various attacks and gave the guys solid fundamentals that they will remember after the session, are easy to maintain and with constant forward pressure could save their lives.

The session finished off with some pressure testing of the material we had trained that day. It was a great session with fantastic feedback. It was great having Eddie there who has been on numerous operations and been all over the world. He can tell the guys how it is and he commands a great respect from them. I'd like to thank all the guys for the training and hope that they all stay safe when serving. Thank you to Eddie for arranging the session and giving us the opportunity to work with the guys.


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