Friday, 16 November 2012


How do we accelerate our training and get as good as the pros!  Ok, so no matter what style you train you will have people who represent that at the top of their game.  Can you ever get as good you will probably wonder.  Do you have the dedication to do what they do.  The countless hours of training, diet, rest etc.  If we look at it coming from a self defence view then the fitness and diet is not as critical as it will be to someone who competes in MMA.  You could argue that self defence should encompass your diet and health as you are protecting yourself from illness.  I digress, so what separates us from the greats.  Mainly, it is the time that the pro will dedicate to training particular skills.  People used to always say that the greats had better balance or timing or speed than the average man.  The truth is that they simply put in more man hours than the other guys to get these attributes. 

With this in mind you can take a particular area of your training and train it more than the average guy.  So why not take any two areas and work them each day even just for 10 minutes a day and by the end of the week you have trained the equivalent of an extra class.

So why not take think about conditioning.  Sprints into burpees.  

Shadow boxing for rounds

Mental training - work through multiple attack scenarios

Working the heavy bag developing power shots

Stick work developing speed, rhythm and timing

Pad work with a partner

Edged weapon and sensitivity drills


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