Saturday, 3 November 2012


I've just uploaded a new video clip to the you tube channel. Lawrie is taking one of the girls who trains and demonstrating some basic striking. It might be seen as basic or we can sophisticate it by thinking of it in terms of Bruce Lee's strategies of attacks. In simple terms Lawrie has Susie demonstrating a low front kick which would be targeted towards the knee, shin or groin. It could be a single direct attack or linked together with the palm heel strikes to make attack by combination. The kick or palm heel strikes might be a interception. We are imaging in this situation that our verbal de-escalation has failed and we are forced to provide a physical response in order to ensure our safety and to exit. I should point out that Susie trains in the kickboxing class yet the tools are applicable for reality. Why not spend a little time with your loved ones and provide them with some self defence training. You don't need pads they could just throw the strikes into the air or use a cushion or pillow for more contact. Introduce it to the kids and have some fun playing with them. And now onto the clip.

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