Sunday, 11 November 2012


MMA class started off tonight with a Snake Pit inspired warm which consisted of –

On the spot sprints
Star jumps
Jumping lunges
Push ups

Each exercise was done for one minute whilst one member of the class was either slamming or suplexing the wrestling dummy. This continued until each student had a go with the dummy!

Once the guys were suitably hydrated we got straight back into it. Tonight’s chain started with defending against a straight left and right from the pad holder which was followed by our right overhand, left uppercut, right overhand. We then added in a left and right elbow then double knee. From there we moved into position and used a cross-buttock throw to take our partner to the ground and end up in side control. Once we had control of our partner we used a neck crank, forearm choke or face crank to get the finish.

Great effort by all tonight and good progress being made by the guys!

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