Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Monday night was cold, real cold, so to keep everyone warm we focused on pad work and worked through
various combinations and entry's on the pads. we went through reacting from straight and hooking attacks
using our hand and body defence or our 360 entry and following up quickly with 4 count combos. We jumped 
into a multiple attack drill and looked at taking on 3 attackers, taking the first one down with a controlled
take down then intercepting either a straight or hooking punch, everyone got through is well and there was
a nice amount of intensity within all the techniques but there was more in the tank, so we got the head gear,
pads and gloves out and put everyone in a mass group attack, now although this is highly unlikely to happen, 
if you can control 9 people without getting hit then controlling two or three should be easy, these sorts of drills
are great forms of skill development. We finished off the night by going through out siko drill and then moved on
to our hubud drill. Remember theres a travel wrench seminar on saturday 12-2 £20, i urge you all to get along 
whether you know what the travel wrench is or not, you'll come away with a great set of skills that you can 
adapt easily to empty hand or any other improvised weapon.


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