Saturday, 17 November 2012


With a possible grading looming we really went for a big physical session, Lawrie warmed the guys up with body weight drills that targeted specific muscle groups so everyone got a great full body workout.

From there we moved onto pad work, keeping it simple and sticking to the basics, front snap kicks, basic parry's, basic boxing combinations and moving into close quarter head butts, thai clinch work and knees.

Again a big well done to everyone, the phy's portion was a big one and not the easiest but there wasn't a lull at anytime, the intensity was kept right up.  We switched pace and got into small groups of three and worked through a multiple attack drill, first was a front choke and then a 2nd attacker came in with a big left or right haymaker so we could drill our 360 defence and we followed up with any combination of strikes we used earlier in our pad work. We could have kept the intensity up but switching to a slower more controlled pace is just as good for training as smashing through pads or people is, in an attack you might have to instantly explode into a threat and put 
massive amounts of forward pressure in but in a multiple attacker situation or due to surroundings and environment we might have to use a controlled take down or be able to move an attacker at will and all these things cant be done correctly or with control if we're moving at light speed so changing pace is really important, it also helps train muscle memory to be more accurate and instinctual.

We finished off with a quick set of jumping squats, push ups and burpees just so no one was cold on the walk home. Great effort again from everyone, this time of year with winter setting in and christmas coming its easy to put off going to classes and its a shame that some people fall behind as a result but tip of the hat to everyone, being consistent is really paying off so don't let your selfs slip. 

If anyone has any questions about grading or has anything they're unsure of please give one of the instructors a shout in class and we'll point you in the right direction. Remember the syllabus is available on the website for you to look at in your own time, this will give you an idea of where your sitting and a good idea of where to aim. Great work guys.

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