Friday, 26 October 2012


For the past few weeks we've been warming up with our 3 count sumbrada, so it really sinks it. This week throughout the drill we concentrated more on inserting the checking hand, the checking hand is the sneaky one that allows us to utilise our disarms so its really important to get this nailed, we'll be running over it this coming week with blade so dont worry guys! We moved on to using the padded sticks and instead of checking stick to stick we started to target the hands, as in reality thats what we're aiming to do. After a fair bit knuckle bashing i gave the guys a rest and we moved onto punyo sumbrada, we've not covered punyo in a while so it was a bit of a slow progression at first but again we're jumping into it next lesson and we'll be exploring the application of some of the motions and how we can link the angles and actions from the 3 count and punyo sumbrada into a combative set. As its getting into the winter months we'll be looking at some lessons,defences and striking wearing our regular civi's instead of joggers and tshirt's, as we're a reality based system its important we can use our skill set in what we'd be wearing regularly, its easy to move in joggers and a tshirt cause thats what they're made for, going through some drills in jeans n jackets throws in a totally new dynamic. REMEMBER REMEMBER theres a STICK SEMINAR on SATURDAY 12-2 its important you guys all get along to this, £20 and a free set of sticks, you CANNOT GO WRONG, its important you can get to grips with and nail the stick drills, not only does it supercharge your empty hand skills but each stick drill gives you an exponential amount of attributes you can dissect and apply to any aspect of your training. See you guys next week. Michael

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