Sunday, 23 September 2012


Safety in training is more often than not common sense. Just this week I saw someone perform a dead lift, the form was there right the way throughout the motion, from top to bottom each rep was looking good until the timer went and it was time to change station and move onto the next exercise. You'd think after performing a dead lift with a reasonable weight that you would continue the form when finishing the exercise but no, this individual stood upright with straight legs and bent over to drop the weight, not even bending at the hips and keeping the lumbar of the back in a good position, no they curled and arched the lumbar of their back. That is a sure shot way to a sore back, an injury that can put you out of training for a very long time and could lead to some serious damage in the long run. It makes no sense getting into these good habits and performing an exercise properly only to let yourself down on the last step. Think about it, you've blasted through a set of reps, putting your body under strain, you feel tired, your muscles are sore and thats with using good form and after all that effort and with your body being venerable to injury you go and contort your body just to drop a weight?!?! Keep this in mind when performing any exercise, form is there not just for the maximum workout benefit but it's also there because its safe. Michael

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