Sunday, 8 July 2012


What if you can’t make training, what can you do at home. The answer is what cant you do at home. There is a huge amount of bodyweight exercises that will challenge even the most talented of sports people. My old friend Rannoch Donald of simple strength and the 100 rep challenge fame used to say you shouldn’t be lifting weights until you have mastered the push up and pull up. So you can make training and you want a short and fast workout. How about choosing 3 exercises, lets say a push up, squats and star jumps. Now perform each exercise back to back for a minute each and then rest for a minute. Do this another 2 times and you have exercised for 9 solid minutes. Probably as much time as you would if you played five a side football. In a match you aren’t called upon to move all the time whereas in this circuit you are. Now the above circuit can be made harder by changing the exercises. The push up can vary with different hand positions or you can make it explosive. The squats can be adapted by changing the width of the feet position or by holding onto something heavy or even just making it explosive by jumping from the ground. You could add in a jump every 5 squat. The star jumps can be fast or you can double time them and make them as fast as possible while maintaining good form. Want to make it harder again and have a little more time to spare. Why not run around the block as fast as you can, then either perform the exercises outside or back in the house to do them. Then polish the workout off with a run around the block again. Now this could all be done in 20 minutes, who cannot find that time. I don’t care how busy you say you are you can find twenty minutes. Get up early, go to bed later, cut your lunch short, watch less tv. You can find that time if you really want to. Why not convince a friend and workout together as you are more likely to train. Then you have each other to keep you both motivated. Pretty soon you will be designing and implementing your own training regimes. You will become your own coach and a coach to others. Share your knowledge and enthusiasm and change people’s lives for the better. If you want to kick start your training then get in touch today and organize some personal training sessions.

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