Sunday, 8 July 2012


Last night we looked at working our lead punch, finger speak or palm heel. We looked at defending an incoming straight followed by a circular attack. This could have been a push into a hooking punch, a grab into a hook, a straight knife thrust into a slash or a push into a draw and slash. I am sure you can see the idea behind it. The idea being we drill and recognize and shut down before it leads to the circular attack. I also had Scott help me out by giving us some submissions we could use against the lead punch. Remember, tactically you cannot always strike someone. The idea was to be able to go from striking to submission to striking again if the need arises. Remember our submissions are not there for someone to tap out. We use them tactically to control the situation. Now all of these were vertical submissions we are not going to the ground. But keep in mind what you can do standing up you can do on the ground. If you are interested in learning more then head along to Scott’s MMA class on a Thursday at 8.15pm. It’s a very welcoming class and caters for complete beginners and veterans alike.

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