Sunday, 13 May 2012


The classes this week have been intense and a lot of good energy. We have kept things simple and worked a lot on fitness and covering material that you will need to know and demonstrate in order to grade. The next date for the grading will be announced next week. So if you plan on grading, which you should as it lets you chart your progress, keep your eyes peeled. At a grading you are asked to demonstrate that you have an understanding of the physical techniques and you are able to demonstrate rhythm,timing, control and footwork. You need to be also to show you have an appropriate level of fitness for the grade however, age and injuries are alway taken into account. The material you are tested on is the same material you cover in class however, If I ask to see a various combination with a set rhythm then that Is what I want demonstrated as that is what you are being tested on. The classes are popular and Im glad that recently more of the guys who have been training in Krav Maga have started coming to the kickboxing classes. I've put up some pictures below from one of the classes during the week. Marcus

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