Friday, 13 April 2012


It's amazing how when we train in classes people always assume that if they don't train a kick on one side it will be detrimental. Or in kettlebells if they don't train both sides equally there will be some imbalance. It's normally the people who train once a week or are sporadic at best who worry about this the most.

In the martial arts classes I tend to concentrate on the dominant side at first. Once you have this under your belt then get practising on the other side. In truth the leg which supports you as you kick is probably stronger as it has to support your body. I know I can do a single leg squat easier on my left side than I can my right despite being right side dominant. Again, someone might say, what if your leg gets injured and you haven't practised with your left? Well in short you have hands, elbows, knees and head to use as well. I'm a realist and I want what is best for people in training. Often you have to trust the coach. There is a reason I am doing what I am doing. I am gong to bring you on to the best of your ability so trust me.

In terms of kettle bell training I like people to get the lifts correct on the dominant side first then practice the other side. Some people seem obsessed with doing ten one side then ten the other when they can't even lift it correctly on their dominant side. What really is the point and it's a great way to get injured. In a class when I ask you to do 100 snatches as fast as you can, who cares if you do them all with your right arm, not me! Will you wake up the next morning with huge muscles down one side, will there be an imbalance - I think not. Most of your daily actions are done on your primary side anyway. That is why your non-dominant side is faster and loser in combat as its not bound my the same muscle patterns. Your lead jab is faster with your non-dominant arm.

So the lesson here is to listen in class. If a coach tells you to work a particular side then just do it. Don't deviate, there is a reason you pay for coaching and don't do it yourself. Have faith.

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