Sunday, 22 April 2012


Next week we are going to look at pre-emptive striking and methods to train ourselves to overcome barriers to be able to initiate action if need be. Remember, as decent law abiding people its not in our nature to strike first or be aggressive. Through training we can learn to take the initiative and if threatend and we feel there is no other course of action then we can pre-emptively strike. Remember action is quicker than reaction. Again, don't think about a big knock out punch, it could simply be an eye strike, an action to trap hands and then strike or a low kick and exit. The real issue is how do we learn to do this when you grpw up being told its ok to hit someone if they hit you. It's how many of us are raised, with good morals and it instills the morals of you being allowed to hit back if you are struck. Now we are looking to initiate that, so it goes against how we have grown up. We will look to develop these skills this week so make sure you are there training. Marcus

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