Thursday, 15 March 2012


Tonight we focussed on lowline kicks, defending a football style kick and a straight punch. I asked the guys to emphasise the hand and body defence and slow it right down. What seems like a large movement will shrink under stress. It's why a lot of traditional movements look large. People ridicule the big sweeping motions however its a lack of understanding. Martial Arts were born on the battle field and they knew what worked. Where do you think KM got all its material from. However, people don't understand a lot of what they see and then think it won't work. Everything is useful and you simply need to know what to take from it and when to apply it. We looked at the hooking motion from KM and I quickly showed the guys all the different areas you can find it in KM. So train something that can be used often and in a lot of situations. You don't want a 100 responses to something. A few choice select ones should see you through. Then practice them and own them. I also stressed the need for closest tool to the closest target. Nobody wants to get hit so you need to choose your shots.

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