Wednesday, 18 January 2012


A good class last night. I spoke at length last night about effort and the original idea behind why Krav Maga Edinburgh chose kettle bells as the weapon off choice for training. We were probably one of the first gyms in Edinburgh to make full use of them back in the Edinburgh Judo Club under the guidance of Rannoch Donald. They were a tool to provide a maximum workout in a short period of time. Every drill you do in class should be like its your last. No pacing yourself. I demonstrated swinging a KB and then I demonstrated really swinging one. Regardless of weight you can make it challenging or you can coast. I swung a 20kg with as much venom as I did the 12kg. You can get a great workout from a light weight just up the intensity. With this in mind I am considering doing two thirty minute kettle bell classes on a Tuesday. So you come in, do a dynamic warm up, do the drill of the day, quick cool down and out. I hate the thought of swinging Kbs for an hour - it goes against the nature of them. So watch this space for a timetable change in the coming weeks.

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