Thursday, 8 December 2011


Last night we worked through various empty hand skills and then onto single stick work but using both left and right sides. We looked at defences against impact weapons both utilising a baton and empty hand. Keep in mind we try and work off a basic format. Once you have that it is up to you to add in your own sugar and spice and also take into account the energy from the opponent. Last night for example if your opponent didn't move forward then you couldn't apply the control with the stick. So if they don't bend forward then don't attempt the control. In training they should give your the correct energy so you can learn the concept. Every so often they can fowl you and make you work for your money. Never forget that if i hit you in the groin the chances are if you don't collapse on the floor you will at least hollow out regardless of me hitting you or not. If i hit you in face you are moving backwards. If I hit you in the face more than once your hands are coming up to protect. You don't have to be a genius to work out simple patterns of human behaviour. And remember don't confuse any of this with sport. In a ring where you are paid to stand your ground, wear gloves, have a ref and no fear of any other people attacking you its a different ball game. Different adrenaline dump and everything. So help each other out in class and grow.


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