Wednesday, 30 November 2011


This week we are looking at defending attacks whilst using only our non-dominant arm. One of the guys came in and had got a tattoo done and said he couldn't train because of it. So I had the class go through various situationals where they damage their dominant arm and have to use the other one. It's a good thing to do and keeps you sharp. I rarely have guys practice things on the left and right side. Most people are right handed and we train for the most likely attacks. If we have time then sure develop the non dominant side but we are dealing with probabilities and have a time limit. If we trained every night then left and ride side is a great thing but we simply don't have the time in KM. However, with training in NSI and TE you can develop left and right handed skills through the use of the stick. It's a great tool for this so if you want to get better then get along to either or both of these classes.


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