Wednesday, 12 October 2011


We kicked off last night with a bit of bowie sparring, keeping things light but fast. There’s no question that fun sparring like this build’s a huge degree of attributes, we get timing, distance, footwork, target acquisition, explosive movement and we get to work our faints and guard positions. From there we picked up the sticks and went straight onto 3 count sumbrada, we went medium range then out to long range and then into a double grip version in which we likened the stick to a sword or katana, this really helped accent how important footwork and body mechanics can be when using these types of weapons. I showed the guys a double stick variation which got the brains fried a little bit but the guy’s pulled it off and we’re moving really well. We finished the night by stripping the drill down to empty hand and working through some common angles of attack using the 3 count patterns of movement. Remember guys Monday night is drill night at Tactical Edge Edinburgh and there’s no way to get better at these other than coming along and training, we also get to dissect these drill and show how to pull the attributes from them. Great effort from everyone last night.


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